Welcome to SABR® Medi Spa.


  1. 1 IPL
    Permanent hair removal photofacials, photo rejuvenation, pigment reduction and vascular removal.
  2. 2 Fat and cellulite reduction
    Using our proprietary equipment SABR® Shape and SABR® Shape 2 will give you amazing results.
  3. 3 Hydro Massage
    Wellsystem Relax dry water massage. All the benefits of a 60 minute swedish massage in 30 minutes.


  1. 4 LED Facial
    Max7 LED facial for younger looking skin. Using Technology originally used by NASA for growing skin tissue in space.
  2. 5 Spa Feng Shui
    Spa capsule using infrared light, steam and vibration to make you feel like a teenager again.
  3. 6 Spray Tanning and UV Therapy
    Automatic Mystic spray tanning booth and UV therapy beds.